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About Scuola Toscana

scuolatoscana is a school of Italian language and culture founded 1989 by two brothers, Alberto and Gabriele Del Mela, teachers of Italian and full time directors.

The school is recognised by the Italian Ministry of Education and is member of the National Association of Schools of Italian (ASILS).

Florence is the ideal city to study the Italian language, because of its position, its history, its heritage... therefore in Florence there are many good schools, offering all kind of Italian courses.



Why should you choose Scuola Toscana ?

The location

scuolatoscana main headquarters are located in an historical building in Via dei Benci 23, in front of the Santa Croce Cathedral, 5 minutes walk from the Ponte Vecchio, the Uffizi, the Duomo - a fortunate location, right in the center of Renaissance Florence.

Scuola Toscana - via de' benci, 23 Firenze

All the accommodation and families who host our students are in Florence, maximum 10 minutes by bus, mostly in walking distance.


The dimension

scuolatoscana is big enough that there are enough students to have all the levels and all the classes always open and running (no course cancellation or sostitution, what you are enroled for is what you get) ; big enough to get to know people from more than thirty different countries and to enjoy the different kind of activities we organise (from an Italian Aperitivo to the visit to the Florentine art masterpieces, from a wine tasting in the Chianti to the Palio in Siena); but not too big to become impersonal - we know all the students by name and we have always (ok, almost always) time for a chat.

Our personnel is happy to help you in any way, a reservation to the Uffizi, a ticket for the Opera (or for the football match), and - hope you do not need it, but you know this things happen - to recover your lost baggage at the airport...


The quality

the school is recognised by the Italian Ministry of Education, which means that our programs were approved and our teachers certified ; moreover, our six-hours-a-day courses are recognised by 5 German states (Laender) as Bildungsurlaub, which means that our programs were rewieved by the german Education authorities and accepted for grants by German private or public agencies.

The list of credits continues with the CSN, the Swedish grant authority, which in 2005 too recognised our courses for their scolarship programs.

Our courses are open all year long, with starting dates almost every monday.

From absolute beginners up to perfecting, from one week up to three years, with a wide range of specialised and hands-on courses.


Scuola Toscana


The activities

We know that most of the people come to us for Florence, and for Tuscany, and our extracurricular activities are one of our point of strenght (see "program of activities": your teachers are also your guides, and they can show you the details that only the insiders get to know.)

Ask for our monthly programme any time - better, if there is something you like to see or to do in Florence, just ask us, we can organise it !

Last but not least...


The ethical responsibility

We think that nowadays even a small business like ours has to do its efforts toward a good corporate citizenship; we at the scuolatoscana are committed to loyalty toward our customers, our teachers, our community: our school complies with all the safety rulings as prescribed by the European Community; our teachers - mostly women - are regularly registered professional, with years of experience and training and consequently valued (not part-time students).

We try to have the lowest impact on the environment (see "a green choice" for details about how we are trying to incorporate sustainability in our small business model.) and we cooperate with the Italian Institutes of Culture and the Florence City Authority in offering scolarships to deserving students allover the world.

We really hope, quoting Peter David Petersen, chief of the sustainability consultancy E-Square, that the "humanity" of a brand - its willingness to address social and environmental issues - will become increasingly important in attracting consumers, and that the ethical behavior of companies will have a bigger and bigger influence on customers in the future; we want you to know that we are taking this issues seriously, so that visiting us at the scuolatoscana, you can be confident that you are doing "the right thing"...

Let's go to the Scuola Toscana!