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2. Relaxing in the evening!

Non solo studio - relaxing in the evening!

aperitivo con studenti

Do you like to go out, meet some friends, cool down or maybe and have some drinks in the evening?

Our Italian language courses finish at 4 pm. Relax a couple of hours, maybe participate in the extra-curriuclar activities offered by the school, and then join young italian people at the aperitivo.

It is a very old italian custom. People go out and have a drink and some snacks before dinner. Snacks are for free, you only pay the drink.

OibòOibò is "the" bar of scuolatoscana, on the level floor of our building, just go downstairs and there you are. Cofees, Cappuccino, pastries, in the Italian tradition, and then light lunches and, of course, aperitivo in the evening!

With the scuolatoscana student card you can have good discounts. After some days, maybe you wish to try other places around: the area offers plenty of bars and cafes where you can live the "dolce vita"...

Let's go to the Scuola Toscana!