Italian language school in Florence. Learn italian language in Italy. Italian language courses and lessons.

How much time do you have?

1. One week

Vacation days are precious - put yours to good use

You can do a lot of things in just one week - if it is well organised: make the most of you time with scuolatoscana.

you can see the masterpieces of Leonardo, Botticelli, Giotto at the Galleria degli Uffizi and David at the Accademia - without queueing.

or you can get an hands-on course in drawing or painting (even fresco painting, if you like to try).

or if you are in for an easier pace of life, you can study the language while eating every day in a different restaurant or trattoria (Chianti wine included).

Let's go to the Scuola Toscana!

Herewith a list of opportunities:

*prices 2014

course per day 1week
[K1] Rinascimento 2h italian language
2h painting and fresco
- 700
[K2] Maestro 2h italian language
2h technique of fresco painting
- 700
[K3] Bottega disegno e pittura 2h italian language
2h technique of painting and drawing
- 700
[K4] Decorazione 2h italian language
2h technique of decoration
- -
[H1] Art History 2h italian language
2h history of art
389 588
[M1] Fashion & Design 2h italian language
2h terminology of fashion & design
389 588
[O1] Music & Opera 2h italian language
2h italian for music and opera
- 588
[W1] Wine & Cooking 4h italian language
and hands-on activities
389 588
[E1] Florence Discovery 4h italian language
5 visite
410 750
[B2] "CRASH" Business and Trade 6h business italian language 265 485
[FC] Family Club 1 adult + 1 child
4h italian language
afternoon activities / kid miniclub
590 -
[C1] "TOP" Italian Language 6h italian language in group 252 462
[C5] "MIX" Italian Language 4h italian language in group
2h private
507 999
[I2] Private Tuition 4h individual italian language 680 1,300
[I5] Private Tuition incl. lunch 8h individual italian language
incl. lunch
1,680 3,190