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How much time do you have?

2. Two weeks

Scuola Toscana has it all

Two weeks to spend in Florence ?

Whether your goal is to learn intensively for your profession, or to relax after a hard year of work, you will feel free at the scuolatoscana.

The 2 weeks time are the most popular choice for the students at the scuolatoscana. Study Italian 4 or 6 hours a day, then enjoy the famous sites and sights of Florence with our guides.

And off-the-beaten-path experiences await you around every corner: in addition to its celebrated Brunelleschi Cupola or Ponte Vecchio, Florence offers fascinating small neighborhoods, intriguing small museums and a wealth of trattorias where you can try the famous Tuscan cuisine.

A visit to Siena, or Arezzo, completes the program.

Let's go to the Scuola Toscana!