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How much time do you have?

6. No time at all !

The genius of Leonardo at the Scuola Toscana

Even if you cannot come, the teachers at the scuolatoscana can be with you, thanks to the Leonardo distance course.

Study Italian from home, not with a machine or a computer, but with a real instructor from the scuolatoscana, who teaches you the Italian language with the sensibility and flexibility that only an human being can have.

The Leonardo distance course allows you the freedom and flexibility to study at your own pace, wherever you are. Just send us a first 50-words simple test stating why do you want to study Italian (in Italian if you are not a beginner, otherwise in your language) and the course starts !

You will know a teacher for name, and she/he will not only explain you the language, but will keep you informed about what is going on in Florence, Tuscany, Italy !

Let's go to the Scuola Toscana!

A bit of history

In 1992, after a three-months period of study at the scuolatoscana, two of our students had to return home in Switzerland but did not want to lose contact with the Italian language (they were just in the middle of the study of congiuntivo) and with their teacher (he was a funny, interesting guy) - also the teacher knew that he was going to miss these two nice students.

Together they decided to go on with the course; the teacher prepared some exercises, and explainatory notes, and send them to the students; the students duly compiled the exercises and wrote down their questions and doubts; the teacher replied clarifying the doubts and then went on explaining a new topic, putting new exercises - this time he added also a small article from a local newspaper about a topic he knew the students were interested in, with some questions just to see if the students had understood the article; the students liked the article very much, answered the questions and put some comments, which the teacher corrected, and so on... the Corso Leonardo was born.

Nowadays, many students at the end of their course at the scuolatoscana decide to go on with their teacher from home - with the Leonardo distance course.

And in the last years more and more students who did not (still) come to the scuolatoscana make the Leonardo course, via email, fax, or traditional mail.

How does it work ?

It is very simple. Fill out our form, or just send us an email, a fax, a letter with your data and a small test (about 50 words) in Italian. Our experts will evaluate the text and send you a return mail, fax, or letter with your first lesson. At this point you decide if you want to go on and pay the course.

The course is composed by 8 lessons. Every lesson includes :

  1. correction of your homeworks
  2. answers to your questions,doubts,etc.
  3. explaination of a new topic (es. "il condizionale")
  4. batteries of exercises on old and new topics
  5. a conversation text, with closed and open questions

Certificate at the end of the course.

You can send the lesson at your own pace, one day or one year to complete your homeworks, no problem; we answer you always in maximum one week.

Only standard Italian ?

After the success of the first Leonardo distance courses, some of the students asked us for specialised courses, like the ones we offer at the school : Italian for business, Italian for art history, etc.

It was a good idea: our catalog contains now more than 50 titles.

Here the "top ten" :

  1. Italian language (all levels, from absolute beginners to perfecting, see our syllabus)
  2. Italian for fashion and design
  3. Italian for business
  4. Italian cooking
  5. Tuscan cooking
  6. Italian for tourism and hotelerie
  7. Italian history of art
  8. Florence Renaissance
  9. Italia Oggi
  10. Italian for CILS and AIL examinations

... and more

Why is Leonardo distance course so special ?

Because you do not work with a machine, but with an human being.

The "Leonardo" course was originally born to mantain a friendship, and this is still the "Leonardo" spirit: the idea that there is another person who reads your works, appreciates your progresses, explains, explains again, discuss things, details, shares ideas with you: something that a computer, or a CD, or a DVD cannot do. You are not alone, but there is someone who cares.

Every course is different because every student - and every instructor is different. We offer you the same rigour and solidity that characterizes all our courses at the scuolatoscana in Florence - but with the added flexibility of the distance learning.

Which is the best way to do the Leonardo course ?

It is possible to do the course via email or via fax, but we still like a lot if you want to do the "Leonardo" course the old way, writing with your personal calligraphy on real paper and sending it to us via mail.

Let's go to the Scuola Toscana!