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What to do in Florence

Firenze... la città del fiore

1. One day in Florence

Firenze Duomo You probably just got off the train or the plane or maybe you just left your hotel's room and what you need is a good breakfast!
Walk downtown in Piazza della Repubblica and get in the Rinascente building, go up to the top floor where there's a bar on a terrace.
From here you can have a wonderful view of the Duomo and the Giotto Tower.

Firenze City Sightseeing Bus With only one day to spend in Florence it's not easy to understand the city, so the best thing to do is to get the turistic bus "Citysightseeing" and you'll see the best places here a take grest pictures.
There is a bus every 60 min from Santa Maria Novella Station.

San Lorenzo Onece you're back from the tour, you can go to San Lorenzo, 2 min walking, where every day there is a market great for souveniers and clothes, cheaper the in the shops and it's fun to .......... with the seller.

Mercato Centrale In San Lorenzo there is also a building, which is a food market on 2 floors. It's nice to have lunch there and taste different kind of our food and it's just something different from the usual fast food, restaurants or coffee shops where we always go.

Ponte Vecchio In the afternoon take a walk in Down Town where there are the most famouse streets for fashion, first of all Via Tonabuoni.
And then you absolutley have to go on Ponte Vecchio to watch the wonderful jeweller's windows.

Il Porcellino Here now something very turistic!
Two steps from Ponte Vecchio there is a bronze sculpture "Il Porcellino", you have to rub its nose for good luck.

Piazza della Repubblica If you also are interested in readind I suggest you the book store "Edison" in Piazza della Repubblica.You'll find books of Florence or of Italy and all kind of books in Italian or English and probably in different lenguages too.
You can sit at their bar,get something to drink and enjoy a book.

Santa Croce After such a busy day you'll probably be starving, so just go back to the school, in Santa Croce area.
thare are al lot of nice restaurants where you'll have delicious Tuscan food and great Italian wine.

Let's go to the Scuola Toscana!